Problem Reporting

If you encounter any problems such as obstructions, faulty gates, problems with the cows or aggressive dogs, please report this immediately to the National Trust Hatfield Forest Wardens on 01279 870678 and copy us in at to make sure all our complaints will be dealt with.

Please note the cows are back. Please shut the gates behind you.

We would like to know if you spot any "badgeless" riders.  Please give as much details as you can to enable us investigate. 

Don't forget, annual members have blue tabards with green numbers whereas day pass riders will have green tabards. You also need to have a tag with contact details on your tack somewhere in case you part company with your beloved horse.

Emergency telephone number:  we do have an emergency telephone number which you might want to put in your mobile for the Estate Office: 07808 889 556.

Grid Reference Apps - these days, everyone goes out riding equipped with their mobile, which is a great idea  But in particular within the Forest, how would you describe your location in case of an emergency?  There are several apps available, some of them free which will immediately tell you where you are such as

or navigation/tracking apps such as   

Better safe then sorry!