Map of Forest

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Henry, the NT head warden would like to remind everyone that the map needs adhering to.  In wet conditions, please avoid the yellow routes

Red - no riding at any time
Yellow - riding only in dry conditions April to October
White - open all year
xxx - temporary ride closures
12 - gate numbers

Temporary ride closures: as the Forest needs to be protected, temporary closures are in operation, we have done a temporary map to help.

Please Ride Responsibly: Some horses have been riding along the perimeter of the Forest
and predictably sinking in the mud and damaging the ride. It may be that these are
not permit holders.  
Please let the Estate Office know - in confidence - if you know who they are.

Click on the map to enlarge

Ride Closures - Please note that some of the rides have temporary closure notices on them as the previous wet weather and many feet have made muddy so please help the Forest to recover and use the light green alternative routes through the woodlands.  Thank you.