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Welcome to Hatfield Forest Riding Association

This website is run by the committee for those wishing to find info about riding on Hatfield Forest, Essex.  Anyone wishing to ride in Hatfield Forest needs to purchase an annual riding permit or a day pass (see Riding Permits & Day Passes).  Check out our News & Events page for regular updates on what is planned by us.  This page also contains events scheduled by the NT which mean that you might want to avoid the forest at certain busy times.

The Hatfield Forest Riding Association aims to give riders on Hatfield Forest a voice with a view to improving the riding experience on Hatfield Forest for all of its members. When you pay for the privilege of riding on the forest, you automatically become a member of HFRA.

AGM - 12 March 2018, 7pm at the Estate Office - please attend and support us.
The committee hold regular meetings with a representative of Hatfield Forest to discuss any issues that may have arisen. We also hold an annual general meeting and small informal events throughout the year which are open to all!

Opening Hours Kiosk / Main Gate -  Current (winter) opening times as follows: roadside car park: daily, dawn-dusk; internal car parks: Sat & Sun 10am-3pm; cafe: Mon-Fri 9am-3pm, Sat & Sun 9am-3.30pm; shop: Sat & Sun 10am-3.30pm.
But always worth it checking the NT website for further updates in case of adverse weather conditions - we need to preserve the beautiful Forest. Please ring the office if you want to purchase a day pass in advance, just in case.  It is best to avoid busy holiday times, weekends.  And strictly adhere to the rides available on the map.

Ride Responsibly- The Forest is wet at the moment. Please remember that the wet rides marked on the map are currently too wet for horses unless we have a very heavy frost.  Some horses have been riding along the perimeter of the Forest and predictably sinking in the mud and damaging the ride. It may be that these are not permit holders.  Please let the Estate Office know - in confidence - if you know who they are.

Day passes - please note that as of 1 October, day passes will no longer be issued at the Shop until next spring (1 April).
Grid Reference Apps - these days, everyone goes out riding equipped with their mobile, which is a great idea  But in particular within the Forest, how would you describe your location in case of an emergency?  There are several apps available, some of them free which will immediately tell you where you are such as 


or navigation/tracking apps such as https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/viewranger-outdoors-gps-open/id404581674?mt=8.   Better safe than sorry!